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Steve Davis


Sound Engineer

With Steve joining North Tower Band as sound engineer, he brings with him many years of experience in the business.  Steve was born into a musical family and has been exposed to large doses of music since he was an infant.  His father (Russell) sang in Gospel groups, played bass in jazz bands, played guitar and bass in country rock bands and always encouraged him and his older brother Tony to come along.  Steve already had a natural ear for music, but this early exposure to various genres allowed him to develop into one of the finest and most sought-after sound engineers in the Southeastern United States.  

Steve began his career in the music business as sound engineer with his father’s part-time  band (Ambush) in 1976, but soon went on the road full time with the O’Kaysions (I’m a Girl Watcher).  In 1980, Steve joined the Embers where he spent 26 years running sound and assisting in production and engineering on several of the Embers CDs.  In 2007, Steve and his Uncle (Gerald Davis) along with other former Embers formed Legends of Beach, playing all over the Southeastern US including a week-long tour with the North Carolina Symphony in 2009.  Steve has two daughters, Stephanie and Jessica, and a son, Adam.  He and his wife Emily reside in Fremont, NC. 

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